Editorial: The Zor-El Bloodlines "Krypton Lives On Through Themyscira"

By Jake Buchanan

The Zor-El Bloodlines

Krypton Lives on through Themyscira!?!

On January 19th 2016 the CW Network held a DC cinematic special hosted by Kevin Smith alongside DC Comic Book Writer Geoff Johns who stated "The amazons were created to protect man" during the Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) segment of the show, and statement alone raised a good question... If the Themyscira Amazons were indeed created to protect man than who formed and assigned them to that duty of protection? 
In Man of Steel (2013) when Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) finds a spaceship from Krypton in the Arctic he stumbles upon what seems to be life support pods, and one pod seemed to be open meaning someone from Krypton arrived to earth before Kal-El (Cavill).

Later DC Comics released a prequel comic that not only is connection to Man of Steel (2013), but also revealed that Kara Zor-El aka Super-Girl was the pilot of that ship that crashed into the Arctic thousands of years before Clark Kent (Cavill) was even born who turns out to be Kara Zor-El's distant cousin or possibly ancestor. 
Could Kara Zor-El have formed/spawned the Amazons of Themyscira out of fear for a potential General Zod (Michael Shannon) like invasion of the Earth, or could it have been Kara's mission to form/spawn the Amazons all along? 
If Kara Zor-El does turn out to be the reason for the Amazons of Themyscira in the DC Cinematic universe wouldn't that technically make Wonder Woman (Gadot) and Superman (Cavill) distant relatives? 

More importantly since Diana (Gadot) is the Princess of Themyscira Amazons could that possibly mean she is first cousins with Clark Kent/Kal-El, but knowing the history between the two characters that won't likely be the case then again... You never know with different Earths existing in DC Comics! 
If Kara Zor-El isn't the founder/mother of the Themyscira Amazons does she have any connection to their bloodline at all, and if so how? Why were the Themyscira Amazons created to protect man, and more importantly protect them from what? 
With Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice coming out in less than two months and Suicide Squad being released this summer DC Comics/Warner Brothers are making 2016 the year that the DC cinematic universe truly formed! Also with both of these films coming out you better believe we'll be getting tons of answers, history, and Easter eggs about this DC universe and where its future's heading.