Why Disney Needs To & Should Give 'Tron' A Chance!!

By Dylan Brown

What's up everyone,

Tron Uprising was a Disney XD show that lasted for just one season and was absolutely incredible in my opinion!  I highly recommend everyone watch it.

Getting to the point of my argument, I am here to tell you that a revival of Tron can be done by doing Tron Uprising!

Here are my reasons why:

Tron uprising followed a young program named Beck, who was discovered by tron. Tron begins to train this young program to replace him because he is dying. It follows his journey to becoming the savior. Sounds like a great movie concept, right? It’s kind of already been done before to a larger degree in 1999’s “The Matrix”. They have obvious narrative differences, but the basic premise is very similar.

Tron is a very recognizable name, the last movie made around $400 million worldwide and was just sub-par.

If you brought in a director who had some nice world building skills, someone who could be an archetype for a cinematic universe, just someone who can lend credibility to the film.  A director like Rian Johnson or Josh Trank would be perfect, they both have both done original sci-fi films before, and made them incredible hits and extremely fun to watch.  I’m not saying that either of these two have to be the director, just somebody in that vein.  With the special effects budget that Disney has been able to lend out to movies like “Tomorrowland,” why can’t they lend that kind of money to a franchise that has a higher chance of giving them a return on investment?  

This world has so much potential and is so interesting that it boggles my mind that Disney is not going to at least give it a shot.  The lighthearted comedy that the original Tron movie used doesn’t really suit a modern day reboot.  I say Give Tron the Batman treatment, Batman went from a franchise that nobody took seriously by the end of the 90s, to being because of the great direction by Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight trilogy has now entered the conversation has now considered one of the best trilogies ever!

 I believe Tron has the same potential and it pains me that something that something that had such an impact on my love for film has now been pushed aside and sent to the realm of movies like Dredd.

So what do you guys & gals think?  

Do you agree?  Should they reboot Tron?  Try a sequel?  

Let us know your ideas in the comment section below!