Director Ed Zwick Talks 'Jack Reacher 2' & Working With Tom Cruise Again!!

By Matt O'Bryant

What's up guys and gals,

There has been a lot of news regarding Tom Cruise's next big project Jack Reacher 2  hitting the web lately and now we have a nice little segment of an interview with the director for Jack Reacher 2  Ed Zwick.  

Ed Zwick will be taking over directing duties from the first installment director Christopher McQuarrie, who recently directed Tom Cruise in the hugh hit Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation.  Ed Zwick has worked with Cruise before on The Last Samurai back in 2003.  The film is set to begin production sometime this Fall.

This interview is from the cool guys over who got to sit down and talk with director.

Check it out below:

On working with Tom Cruise again for Jack Reacher 2:

We had a great experience together. He is one of those actors who is unbelievably hard working and willing. And this happens to be another genre that I’ve never worked in before and I thought, okay, let’s try that. I want to keep challenging myself in different ways but it’s really good to be in the context of a relationship that you know and that you’ve had a good time with.
— Ed Zwick

On whether or not the new Jack Reacher film will be darker or retain some of the humor from the original:

I hope this will have both. I really think that... It’s going to be a very different movie than the last one. Because there is a nice sort of anthology possibility to a continuing character like that, it’s a whole different world; different set of circumstances that he finds himself in. So it will be a different movie and I hope a stand alone movie.
— Ed Zwick

Jack Reacher 2 will hit theaters late 2016.