Casting 'Fast And Furious 8': Standard Tune Up Time!!

Standard Tune Up

By Jake Buchanan

“How these Fan suggested Actors could join the Fast & Furious franchise”

On an episode of Movie Fights presented by Screen Junkies on YouTube a battle round topic was “Who would you like to see join the Fast & Furious franchise?” The battling three contenders were fans of the show who got to come on and film this episode gave three names, and those were “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Evan Peters, and last but not least Burt Reynolds. In the end the winning character that was chosen by judge Andy Signore (Creator of Honest Trailers) was Burt Reynolds, but even though Reynolds was the winner I could honestly see all three actors fitting into this world.

With Kurt Russell’s character being introduced in Furious 7 there could be a background story between Russell and Reynolds characters that being old feud from the past, and Reynolds could possibly be the “Ian Shaw” to Kurt Russell’s “Dominic Toretto”.

Speaking of Owen and Ian Shaw (Fast & Furious 6 and Furious 7) to further Burt Reynolds role in Fast & Furious 8 they could have his character turn about to be their father furthering the purpose of why he’s going head on after our “Fast” family, and leads to confrontation with Russell’s character.   

Now when it comes to placing Steve Austin in the Fast & Furious world audiences would probably want to see Austin and Hobbs (Johnson) interact in some way, and who wouldn’t want to see these two go at it in an action franchise like this!?!  

Steve Austin’s character could end up being Johnson’s former mentor when he first arrived onto the DSS in the movies, and somewhere down the line these two had a falling out making it so when they meet again they’ll be on opposite sides of the law or have them not see eye to eye on how to handle this new problem.

Evan Peters has charisma, awkwardness, and a regular guy vibe to him which is why he should become the new Brian O’Connor character for this franchise moving forward into the future. I’m not saying that Peters should actually become the Brian O’Connor character but rather have him fill that void of what that character brought to the franchise, and have his character become the student of Dominic Toretto.

To take it one step further if they decided they wanted Peters character to already have a back story with the Toretto family it could end up being that Peters is the younger brother to Jesse.

If you don’t remember Jesse from the original Fast & Furious film he was the genius car designer that ended up being gunned down towards the end of the film by rival Johnny Tran, and although we never learned of Jesse’s fate this could be the perfect gateway to get the closer of that character even though most likely is gone.

Now with the incorporation of Jesse being the older brother to Peters character he could also not only be a car genius, but a technology expert as well working at a Apple Store by day and being the best driver in the area by night.

So what do you think about these three actors possibly joining the Fast & Furious franchise? Would you want to see all three, only two, just one, or none at all!?! Let us know down in the comment section why or why not, and other than that thank you for taking time out of your day to give this a read.

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Source: Screen Junkies