Box Office Update: 'Jurassic World' Claims Biggest Weekend & Four Day Start Ever!!

By Matt O'Bryant 

What's up guys and gals, 

Early estimates on Sunday had Jurassic World claiming the 2nd biggest opening of all time!

Well now that the dust has settled from the insane Dinosaur weekend, we have finally gotten our hands on some (actuals) showing us that Jurassic World as now taken in the all-time biggest opening with an amazing $208.8 million weekend surpassing the $207.4 million take of Marvel's The Avengers back in 2012!

Marvel studios even released an official image today congratulating Jurassic World!  Check it out below!

Now Jurassic World is continuing it's amazing four day run by hauling in another $24.3 million on Monday giving the film the largest four day total of all-time!  The film has now taken in an astonishing $234 million domestically since it's release on Friday!

So how much do u think Jurassic World will end up making domestically overall?

Leave us your guesses and thoughts below in the comments!