John Wick Director To Helm 'The Coldest City' Adaptation Starring Charlize Theron!!


By Matt O'Bryant 

What's up guys and gals,  

It looks as though co-director of John Wick David Leitch has found his solo project. The director was originally supposed to re-team with friend and co-director Chad Stahelski for the sequel to John Wick 2.  Reports surfaced a couple of weeks ago that Chad would be helming the sequel by himself and now we know why.  Get the details below.

 According to The Wrap:

David Leitch is set to direct Charlize Theron‘s spy thriller “The Coldest City” for Focus Features and Sierra/Affinity in November after leaving Lionsgate’s action sequel “John Wick 2” in the capable hands of his frequent collaborator Chad Stahelski, TheWrap has learned. Leitch (pictured above with Keanu Reeves) and Stahelski were in high demand following the success of the Keanu Reeves movie “John Wick” and were hired to co-direct “The Coldest City,” news of which was announced during Cannes. The duo had been expected to co-direct “John Wick 2” this fall, but as Collider recently reported, Leitch pulled out to focus on another project, which Lionsgate subsequently confirmed.

Theron found herself with a window to shoot “The Coldest City” this fall, which conflicted with “John Wick 2.” Thus, Leitch and Stahelski decided to split up, with the former tackling Theron’s film and the latter staying on to direct “John Wick 2” solo. Leitch remains an executive producer on the sequel, and there was no acrimony between him and Stahelski regarding the departure. Kurt Johnstad wrote the script for “The Coldest City,” which is based on the best-selling Oni Press graphic novel by Antony Johnston.



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