'Nightwing' Director Teases A F***ING BADASS Action Film In Warner Bros. DCEU


Nightwing director Chris McKay has just informed the world that he promises that his DC Extended Universe film will be an action-packed movie full of practical effect, real stuntwork, emotional stacks, and more!

While speaking with Collider at the press day event for The LEGO Ninjago Movie (which he produced), McKay talked about how he plans for his Nightwing to be the John Wick of the superhero universe, promising real stunts, minimal CG, and to push his leading man to the absolute physical limits. Details on the upcoming solo film are currently being kept under tight wraps, with only Adam McKay, and The Accountant screenwriter Bill Dubuque attached to the project. 

Here's a detailed description of what the director had to say about the project:

It’s gonna be a fucking badass action movie with a lot of heart and emotion. It’s gonna be a crazy, fun ride. Whoever gets cast as Nightwing, and any of the other actors around, are gonna go through a fucking boot camp experience because it’s gonna be a lot. I’m not gonna do a lot of CG. It’s gonna be all real shit. It’s gonna be real stuntwork, and they’re gonna need to do all of the stuff on camera and do it credibly. For the cast and the crew, it’s gonna be a visceral experience, and for the audience. It’s not gonna be like a lot of these movies where there’s a lot of CG and flying, and things like that. Everything he does is gonna have to be real. His superpower is being really fucking good, as a human being, at fighting and gymnastics and shit like that, so you’re gonna see that on screen. It’s gonna be fun!


McKay’s goal is to finally tell his story with grace and heart, and to take advantage of his “underdog” status:

I’m a big comic book fan, and being able to do the story of Nightwing, to do a Dick Grayson story, which is a character that every single person in the world knows, but has never really had a lot of screentime. They make a billion Spider-Man movies and a lot of Batman movies, and they’ve tried The Hulk. When they were making the Tim Burton movies, they were always like, ‘Oh, maybe we’ll do Robin in this now. Maybe we’ll save Robin for Returns. Nope, we’ll save it for the next one.’ With Christopher Nolan, people were like, ‘Is he gonna do Robin?’ When they made Batman v Superman, they were talking about it. I’m a big fan of underdog stories, and he is one of the biggest underdog stories in comics. And he’s a character that I grew up with. I like the arc.

Nightwing does not currently have a release date.

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