The First Poster & Trailer Has Arrived for 'Boomtown'


The Orchard has released the first trailer and poster for their upcoming drama, Boomtown. The film is helmed by director Sabyn Mayfield and follows John 'JT' Turner played by newcomer Tyler Riggs, who is faced with a difficult decision in order to provide for his family. Leaving everything behind, including his wife and child, JT takes a grueling and dangerous job in a booming oil town that holds promise to make ends meet.

Lets check out the first poster and trailer for Boomtown below:


This little film looks really good folks. Throw in the fact that I'm a sucker for any these types of character driven true-to-life Americana stories, and this one looks like it could be a real winner when it hits VOD next month.

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The film stars Boyd Holbrook, Dwight Yoakam, Rachel Brosnahan, Tyler Riggs, and Jocelin Donahu.

Here's the official synopsis below:

Struggling to make ends meet, John "JT" Turner leaves his young family behind to pursue a grueling, yet highly coveted, job in a booming oil town.

Boomtown is set to be released by The Orchard On Digital and On Demand September 5th! 

SOURCE: The Orchard