New 'Ready Player One' Trailer Sunday; Plus New Hi-Res Images

In anticipation of the new Ready Player One trailer this Sunday, Entertainment Weekly has released some new images from the highly anticipated adaptation of the beloved novel.

Check out the new images below:


Are you guys and gals ready for the new Ready Player One trailer? We sure as hell are! While you're here, let us know your thoughts on the novel and the big-screen adaptation. Thanks for tuning into Eastcoastmovieguys!

In 2045, the planet is on the brink of chaos and collapse, but people find salvation in the OASIS, an expansive virtual reality universe created by James Halliday. When Halliday dies, he promises his immense fortune to the first person to discover a digital Easter egg that’s hidden somewhere in the OASIS. When young Wade Watts joins the contest, he finds himself becoming an unlikely hero in a reality-bending treasure hunt through a fantastical world of mystery, discovery and danger.

Ready Player One is set to open in theaters on March 30th, 2018.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly