Disney & Jon Favreau Teaming Up For A Live-Action 'Lion King' Remake

Well folks, we called it the moment we walked out of our first screening of this year's live-action Jungle Book remake. "They now have to, they must, remake The Lion King using this insane technology." Now my statement has come true!

Earlier today, via an official press release from The Walt Disney Company which you can check out right here. Disney and acclaimed filmmaker Jon Favreau are Joining Forces for a new re-imagining of their own beloved 90s classic animation film The Lion King. This of course is happening because of the overwhelming success of this year's smash hit The Jungle Book, which earned an impressive $965.8 million worldwide.

This new Lion King remake will continue Disney's latest trend of remaking or re-imagining of their own beloved classics. Much like The Jungle Book and next year's Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King remake will feature songs from the original animated film. Also to note Disney and Favreau are also in development on a sequel to The Jungle Book. Now that Favreau has The Lion King, he will most likely only serve as producer on the sequel to The Jungle Book.

So what do all you guys and gals think? Are you excited? Are you happy about this remake happening? Why or why not? Lets discuss it down in the comments section. As always, thanks for choosing EastCoastMovieGuys as your place for movie news!

No release date has been set for The Lion King remake.

SOURCE: Walt Disney Company