Time Warner CEO Says Ben Affleck's 'The Batman' Coming Sooner Than Expected

What's up all you DC fanboys and fangirls!

Earlier in the week, Time Warner CEO and chairman Jeff Bewkes was speaking about the state of DC Films on an invester call and seems to have revealed that Ben Affleck's solo Batman film, tentatively titled 'The Batman' is coming a lot sooner than we expected. Here's what Bewkes said:

“Ben (Affleck) announced a Batman movie. He’s going to direct, star, write. I think it’s a year and a half out”.

While this would put the film's release date around March, 2018. According to Batman-News, the chairman is most likely talking about the start of production of the highly anticipated film. With the reserved "untitled DC Movie slated for November 1st, 2019 is most likely the release.

While we here at EastCoastMovieGuys, believe the film will see an early 2019 release date, until we here confirmation, you never know? Hopefully we do get to see the film a lot sooner! The sooner the better if you ask me. We can't wait!

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You can take a listen to all of Bewkes comments in the player below.

Stay tuned for more details as the become available. As always thanks for choosing EastCoastMovieGuys as your place for the coolest movie news!

SOURCE: Jeff Bewkes via The Suicide Squadcast