'Star Wars' Live-Action TV Series Still Hopeful According To ABC Exec

So you saying there's a chance? All of us Star Wars fans will take any chance we get!

Despite our in-depth article from a few weeks ago that revealed there have been tons of serious talk, discussion, and plans for a live-action Star Wars TV series for Disney and ABC. Many outlets have tried to downplay or debunk our strong sources' claims of these discussions. However with Disney Exec Ben Sherwood's official comments, we can now put some of those false reports to bed.

Earlier today The Hollywood Reporter interviewed Disney/ABC executive, Ben Sherwood, and asked him about all this Star Wars live-action discussions.

Surprisingly Sherwood, did not out and completely deny that the the talks hve been happening, danced around the topic and said what little he could about the still under wraps live-action TV Series. He did confirm that there is still a chance of the series happening one of these days, when ever the folks over at Lucasfilm are ready.

When speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Sherwood had this to say on the topic:

"The live-action Star Wars plan rests in the hands of [Walt Disney Studios chairman] Alan Horn, [Lucasfilm president] Kathy Kennedy and the great folks at Lucasfilm. Somewhere we hope in a galaxy not too far away there will be a television show that will air on one of our networks. But I wouldn't get anybody's hopes up too high. They have a lot of movies to make between now and then. We are deep into a very productive relationship with Lucasfilm making [Disney XD's] Star Wars Rebels. And we are in ongoing conversations with them on what is the next Star Wars animated show."

This information is cool enough for any Star Wars fan to know that one day and perhaps sooner than we may think, we will have a live-action Star Wars TV series on the air.

Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the live-action TV series. In case you missed our two of our in-depth articles about the live-action TV Series you can check out the original here, and our more recent Boba Fett one here. As always, thanks for stopping by EastCoastMovieGuys! May the force be with your, always!

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter