Benicio Del Toro In Talks To Star In Shane Black's 'Predator' Reboot

Hells yea folks! That's how you sell a badass new sequel/reboot of Predator! Cast the always badass and extremely talented Benicio Del Toro in Shane Black's new film.

That's the news that Deadline and Variety are reporting as of right now!

According to those two news outlets Benicio Del Toro is in early talks to star in 20th Century Fox's The Predator, which is being written and directed by Shane Black (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, The Nice Guys). Black is also no stranger to the franchise, having co-written and had a supporting role as Rick Hawkins in the original Arnold Schwarzenegger classic directed by John McTiernan.

Earlier reports have already hinted at James Franco circling a role and even Schwarzenegger himself coming back as a grizzled old version of his character.

Plot details are currently tightly underwraps with the film set to hit theaters in February 2018.