A 'Suicide Squad' Member Had A Hand In Robin's Death!



While there is going to be a ton of Easter Eggs that keep hitting the interwebs following the release of David Ayer's controversial Suicide Squad film, because the movie is stuffed with them! None may be bigger or more epic than the one that was just discovered earlier today.

It appears that many eagle-eyed fans have noticed that during the films cool and unique intros for each main character, Harley Quinn's reveals that she is actually the one responsible for the death of Batman' Sidekick former Robin, Jason Todd. While its not revealed if she is the main person, I would assume because of the source material The Joker would also have a large role in Jason's death also. 

So what you guys think? Is this new revelation cool? Why or Why not? Also do you believe we will ever get to see the Jason Todd story-line explained in the DC Films? Perhaps in the Ben Affleck directed Solo Batman film? Sound off in the comment section below and let us know your thoughts.

Suicide Squad is playing everywhere in North America right now!! 

SOURCE: The Wrap