Star Wars Live-Action TV Series Coming To ABC

While there had been talks a few years back with Lucasfilm, George Lucas, and HBO about developing a live-action Star Wars television series titled Underworld. With Boba Fett possibly starring among many other beloved Star Wars characters, however those plans were eventually scrapped after Disney purchased Lucasfilm.

Following the over whelming success of everything Star Wars since Disney purchased the company, especially the animated Disney XD animated television series Star Wars Rebels. It now appears that we may finally be getting the long discussed and dreamed about live-action Star Wars television series fans have been pining for.

While speaking with the TCA (Television Critics Association) upfronts, ABC network president Channing Dungey confirmed that there are talks happening with other Disney divisions about the possibility of an upcoming live-action series saying:

“As a fan I would absolutely love to say yes. We have had conversations with [Lucasfilm] and we will continue to have conversations with them. I think it would be wonderful if we could find a way to extend that brand onto our programming.”

“It’s all a little bit hush-hush. That company exists under a big shroud of secrecy. If you feel Marvel is secretive, Lucas takes it to a whole other level. [Talks] are ongoing. We don’t really have an official timeline yet.”

While many opinions differ, I truly believe this to be a very smart play by Disney and Lucasfilm to expand with a live-action series. In fact I believe they should create multiple different series in different variations during different eras in the Star Wars time-line. Think one set during the Old Republic era in the vein of HBO's Game of Thrones series, then another set during the original sequel era in the style of BattleStar Galactica. I mean the possibility are endless and timeless if done right and could really grow the Star Wars brand even more so.

What about all you amazing Star Wars fanboys and fangirls? Do you want a live-action series? What era of Star Wars would you want it to be set in? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts. As always thanks for stopping by EastCoastMovieGuys and please help us by sharing us on all the various social media platforms. Thanks!

SOURCE: Variety