Check Out The First Official Trailer & Poster For 'Follow'

Author, screenwriter, and now director Owen Egerton's feature film debut Follow premiered at last year's Fantastic Fest to a positive response and is a film I've been waiting to check out for quite a long time! Now we have the first official trailer and poster for the film for everyone to checkout and enjoy with the film itself hitting theaters and iTunes in a couple of months.

Check out the trailer below and as always thanks for stopping by EastCoastMovieGuys! Sound off in the comments section with your thoughts!

Here's a brief synopsis for the film:

"Quinn (Noah Segan) and Thana (Olivia Applegate) have a fading romance. Quinn, a frustrated artist, is ready to move on. But Thana has plans of her own. Days before Christmas, Thana seduces Quinn and suggests a deadly bedroom game. In the morning, Quinn wakes up with a gun in his hand, Thana’s corpse on the floor, and no memory of the night before. Terrified and confused, Quinn attempts to dispose of the evidence. But things quickly spiral out of hand when his nosey landlord (Don Most) and naïve friend (Haley Lu Richardson) interfere with his plans. As the body count rises, Quinn begins to unravel the mystery of Thana’s death and spirals down into a storm of paranoia, madness, and murder."

Follow is set to hit limited theaters and iTunes on September 30th, Pre-order now!