First Trailer For Knock Off 'Suicide Squad' Film The 'Sinister Squad' Is Laughable


By Matt O.

What's up boys and girls, as always with any big blockbuster release, we are gonna get the amazingly awesome (in a bad way) knock offs released around the same time. Which are usually foreign made and reserved for straight to VOD, local Redbox and nowadays strangely Wal-Mart's weird movie selection.

I assume the companies who produce theses films plan and hope to trick an unknowing parent or grand parent into buying the film for their kids or grand kids. Has this ever happened to you?

This time around its the Suicide Squad knock off called Sinister Squad, which include some team members called Rumplestiltskin, Goldilocks, Alice, Gelda (?), Bluebeard (!!!), The Big Bad Wolf, the Mad Hatter (here simply called "Hatter"!

So it appears these characters will be pulled from some kind of weird bizzaro fairy tale land. The trailer is absolutely hilarious and is the type of film you could possibly watch during a drinking game with buddies.

Here's the official synopsis:

"When a violent supernatural cult known as Death's Messengers reigns terror on Earth, a team of malevolent storybook villains is coerced into fighting in the modern world, but these baddies must learn to keep their true wickedness at bay if they want any chance at freedom." 

Sinister Squad is available on VOD now! 

SOURCE:  The Asylum