'Jason Bourne' Projected For $50 to 60$ Million Opening Weekend

Believe it or not folks, its been nearly ten years since the last time Matt Damon played his now iconic role of Jason Bourne on the big screen in Paul Greengrass' The Bourne Ultimatum where the film took in a huge $69.2 million opening weekend and going on to bring in over $227 million worldwide. Now with the impending release of Jason Bourne tomorrow night the tracking numbers are in on the new film and the numbers aren't incredible, but are within expectations for the fifth installment of a 15 year old franchise.

Despite nearly a decade of ticket price inflation since The Bourne Ultimatum, the new film is being projected to bring in between $50 to $60 million over the weekend. With Variety saying it will be on the lower end and The Wrap projecting it around the higher end.

While box office tracking numbers can be very on point a lot of the time. Over the past year or so, we've seen a huge disparity between the numbers and the actual grosses. With that in mind and my own feelings about the highly anticipated film, I'm going to say Jason Bourne will open higher then $60 million around $65 - $70 million. Now there is a great chance I could be wrong, but its always been extremely fun to try and predict box office numbers.

With the film's(nowadays) modest budget of a $120 million compared to other films of its caliber and Matt Damon's international appeal. The film should have no trouble becoming a hit for Universal Studios.

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Jason Bourne hits theaters tomorrow!

SOURCE: Variety, The Wrap