Even More Of Darth Vader's Role Revealed From 'Rogue One'


By Matt O.

Following the release of the awesome behind the scenes trailer on day one of Star Wars Celebration during the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story panel and then the secretive crowd pleasing trailer that was shown to the attendees, we the fans who weren't able to attend this year's Star Wars Celebration in Europe felt a little let down by Disney and Lucasfilm for letting us believe we were going to the trailer sometime on Friday. Well it never happen, the trailer never dropped, most likely because they are going to reveal it at this year's Comic-Con convention which is this week.

However we did get quite a few descriptions of the trailer from people who were there, that revealed we do indeed get a cool Vader reveal towards the end of said trailer. Well now we have even more details about Vader appearance in the film via the good folks over at Screenrant who got to interview the director of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Mr. Gareth Edwards, who had this to say about Darth Vader.

“He’s got such a gravitational pull, the second he shows up you just get sucked into Darth Vader. So it was a process to try and figure out how to pepper that in in a way that felt right. When I read the first document, which is ‘this is what we’re thinking of doing’ I was like ‘Oh my god, they’re going to do that film? Geeze.’ And at the time I thought they must have sent it to hundred other people and I accidentally got it by mistake. Then I realized they were going to do it, and I was like ‘I could never live with myself to be two years from then and it’s coming out and this is happening and there’s some guy here going ‘yeah, so we filmed in 360′ and I’d be going ‘God damn I could have been doing that!’ So you have to do it…and I’ve forgotten the question.”

We asked again if it difficult to figure out how much to use Darth Vader in the film…

“Sure. So hopefully, it was like… I got pulled into making the film through my love of the original films, but then what was a clear conversation that happened early on at Lucasfilm is that we’re doing new things here, this is not a karaoke number or just pure winks and fan service. That’s not going to make a good film. This has got to be characters that you care about and there’s an opportunity to create new people and events that pull you in, so hopefully the goal is that you come to the film for all the reasons that we love Star Wars and you get sucked in and start to care about the new people and when you’re in the midst of all that and that’s going on, familiar things start to pass you by, you start to remember ‘Oh yeah, oh yeah’ but the film should exist on it’s own terms.

If all these films are ever just ‘And here’s that character you love, Yay! Here’s that other character you love, Yay!’ all the time, that’s all they’re doing then they’re not really doing what George did – he tried to find stories that were about something, that were saying something, that you keep in your pocket forty years later, that stay in your head and are still affecting you.”

After hearing all that, I'm beyond excited about seeing Vader in his prime on the big screen this December. What about you guys and gals, Are you ready for Vader? Sound off in the comments section down below with your thoughts. As always thanks for stopping by EastCoastMovieGuys

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is set to hit theaters on December 16th.

SOURCE: Screenrant