'Han Solo' Film Starring Alden Ehrenreich Officially Confirmed At 'SWCE' 2016

While we have already confirmed this with our sources and reported on it throughly over the past year! Disney and Lucasfilm has now made it official during Star Wars Celebration! We will bring you more details as they become available on the project! Alden Ehrenreich to star as young Han Solo also officially confirmed.

Chris Miller and Phil Lord officially announced the Han Solo film at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016. 

Via Star Wars Celebration panel:

"Miller spoke about how casting a young Han Solo was the single hardest casting of all time and they saw over 3,000 people for the role. Lord said this was all a waste of time however as Alden Ehrenreich was literally the first person to audition. Ehrenreich screen-tested with Chewbacca and aboard the Millennium Falcon. He’s relieved that his casting has been officially announced as people have been congratulating him and he couldn’t say anything."

Han Solo will begin filming at the end of January 2017.