Stand-Alone 'Darth Vader' Movie Is Coming, With A Groudbreaking New Twist

By Matt O.

With Star Wars Celebration now in full swing and the second day of celebration almost over, I didn't really think we would get any other massive news following the Rogue One panel closing out yesterday afternoon and today's insane Star Wars Rebels panel. Well I was completely wrong!

Just a little while ago at Star Wars Celebration it was announced that Lucasfilm is collaborating with longtime comic book movie screenwriter and producer David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight Trilogy, Blade Trilogy, Man of Steel, etc) and the virtually reality division over at ILMxLab to bring us a new chapter in the Star Wars saga unlike anything we have ever experienced before. A Darth Vader-centric virtual reality experience that puts you the moviegoer in Darth Vader's shoes with state of the art Headphones and VR goggles.

Sounds crazy right? Even crazier is the experience is supposedly going to be deemed official Star Wars Canon when its released to the movie going public! Here's what was released via the official press release at

"Screenwriter David Goyer is now collaborating with ILMxLAB. The brand new story-based project, revealed in a short teaser, centers around a particularly iconic Star Wars character: Darth Vader. Just like VR is a new frontier, so sounds this venture. “When we looked at all the characters, places, and worlds in the Star Wars universe available to us, we asked ourselves, ‘What haven’t we seen before? Who are we curious about?” Goyer continued, “Darth Vader is the perfect ambassador to usher us into the Star Wars VR universe.”

The first version of the VR simulation was even being tested on the attendies at Star Wars Celebration in what they are calling Trials on Tatooine, we actually have the officially trailer below for you to check out.

Lucasfilm is going to be working alongside Industrial Light & Magic to make sure this new technology has the most stunning visuals ever seen to truly put us in the world of Star Wars. A bigger question that needs to be asked now is, how will a VR movie experience work, where the moviegoer controls the actions of the main character, this one being Darth Vader, how can it still be considered official Star Wars Canon, if every single person's experience will be different?

I personally have my doubts about this ever actually becoming a true reality for a moviegoers. As a diehard film lover and film enthusiast, I just can't see how this type of movie going experience will be any different then playing a new video game and I can definitely see the possibility of it becoming just another Fad, much like 3D films are right now. If you want more details, Check out the full press release over at

We will keep you up-to-date on the Darth Vader VR movie project as more details become available. For now sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts on this exciting and different new movie going adventure that we will all hopefully be able to experience sooner rather than later.