Colin Firth's Return Confirmed With New 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' Image

By Matt O.

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

Spoiler warning!

So you made it this far and your on my site, so I would suspect you've seen Kingsman: Secret Service? If you haven't I highly recommend you quit reading this and go watch it immediately, Its Amazing!

Now on to this seemingly confirmed appearance of Harry Hart played by Colin Firth in the upcoming Kingsman sequel officially titled Kingsman: The Golden Circle. This does seem a bit odd, does it not? The last time we saw Harry, Samuel L. Jackson's evil character had just put a bullet through his head! So what could this new Instagram post mean below? 

Hide behind Harry. #SafePlace #Kingsman2 #TheGoldenCircle

A photo posted by Pedro Pascal (@pascalispunk) on

The image above is from actor Padro Pascal's Instagram account and reveals him and Colin firth on the set of the upcoming sequel. So has Harry been resurrected? Perhaps a twin brother? My money is on the twin brother theory. What about you guys and gals? Shoot me some of your theories down below in the comments section. As always thanks for stopping by EastCoastMovieGuys.........don't forget to share us on all you social media accounts!

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is set to hit theaters on June 16th, 2017.

SOURCE: Instagram