Mace Windu Is Still Alive According To Samuel L. Jackson & George Lucas

By Matt O.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, while promoting his upcoming film The Legend of Tarzan hitting theaters this week, Jackson spoke in great detail about how his character Jedi Master Mace Windu may have survived being hit by force lighting from Darth Sidious and then being thrown out of a building from a ridiculous height! You can read that article right here at Entertainment Weekly.

Then the actor took to Twitter and reaffirmed while answering questions from a fan that he really believes that his character Mace Windu survived the events of Revenge of the Sith and is still alive in the Star Wars universe during that time period.


Wednesday morning the discussion continued on Entertainment Weekly Radio on SiriusXM when Jackson was again asked if Mace is alive.

“Of course he is! Jedi can fall from amazing distances. And there’s a long history of one-handed Jedi. So why not?”

I’ve always thought the same thing! But what did Darth Sidious’ Force lightning do to poor Mace? We can only guess. Jackson did say that he’s run the idea by former Lucasfilm head honcho George Lucas.

“George is like, ‘I’m okay with that. You can be alive.’”

While I"m a huge Star Wars Fanboy, but I for one always thought Samuel L. Jackson's Mace Windu was terribly miscast in the prequel, and was one of the many, many reasons those film's never lived up to their potential. While I'm a fan of Samuel L. Jackson in the right roles. The actor just doesn't fit well in the Star Wars universe, go back and watch the prequels, you don't see the character Mace Windu while watching the films, all you see is Samuel L. Jackson! 

Disney and Lucasfilm, don't get any ideas of bringing this terrible character back, he is dead, and let him stay dead. Also for future reference if someone just happens to like a certain color, for god sakes, don't just say screw it and make them a purple light saber....that had never ever existed in the history and lore ever! 

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