The Legend Returns In Badass Official Trailer For 'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back'

By Matt O.

The Legend returns in the first official trailer for Paramount Pictures highly anticipated sequel to the now cult hit Jack Reacher starring Tom Cruise as the titular hero! The new film titled Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is directed this time around with another frequent Tom Cruise collaborator Ed Zwick who also directed Cruise in the beloved The Last Samurai.

The trailer reveals the badass sequel we all wanted with Cruise's Reacher once again getting caught up in some type of government conspiracy and him having to kick ass all the way to the top of that said conspiracy! I'm really, really excited for this flick to hit theaters this Fall! Gonna be another Tom Cruise classic guaranteed!

Enjoy the badass trailer below and then sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts on this upcoming sequel, thanks!

Here's the official synopsis:

"Jack Reacher: Never Go Back follows the title character as he returns to Virginia to meet the head of his former unit. But she's missing, he's being charged with a crime committed nearly 20 years ago, and he may even have a daughter. Making things right will lead him on a cross-country chase to uncover the truth - and maybe even a family."

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is set to hit theaters on October 21st.

SOURCE: Paramount Pictures