Movie Reviews: 'Everybody Wants Some'

By Michael Kaye

Everybody Wants Some (Review)

It's about damn time I got to see this one! I know I complain about this a lot, but one of the most frustrating things about living in a small town is all the limited released films that pass right by me. And of course, it had to be one from Richard Linklater, one of the most interesting directors working today. I'm not exactly sure when, but at some point I might have to do a full retrospective on all of his films, but for now, here's his latest, Everybody Wants Some!

Here's the story. A group of college baseball players navigate their way through the freedoms and responsibilities of unsupervised adulthood.

The best way I can describe this movie is it's a mix of Dazed and Confused, Animal House, The Bad News Bears and a dash of Boyhood. Yeah, that's quite the mix, and I enjoyed every second of it. Here are some of the highlights.

*Possible spoilers ahead*

First off, what a great cast we have here. Blake Jenner plays Jake, the most "normal" guy on the team, while everyone else is their own unique brand of weird. Some of my favorites aside from Jake are Tyler Hoechlin as McReynolds, Wyatt Russell as Willoughby, Glen Powell as Finn and J. Quinton Johnson as Dale. Outside of the baseball team, Zoey Deutch plays Beverly, Jake's love interest. She's pretty much great in everything, and here she has very believable chemistry with Blake Jenner. Same goes for the rest of the team, it was very important to capture the camaraderie and/or competitive nature of everyone, and they nailed it.

The other thing they nailed quite perfectly was the setting. Richard Linklater is the closest thing the film industry has to a time lord, who knows exactly how to capture the essence of a particular era. The best example of this is probably Dazed and Confused, but this is a close second. Everything felt so authentic from the fashion to the music.

The best part about this movie is the same thing that's great about all of Richard Linklater's films, and that's the writing/directing. Even his worst films at least have moments of sheer brilliance. I'm not really much of a sports guy, so I don't care that much about Baseball. Fortunately, the film doesn't either, as even though it's implied that this is one of the best teams in the state, we never see them play an actual game. Instead we just spend the entirety of the film getting to know these guys simply as a group of friends hanging out before the start of the season. This is very much a coming of age story, where the main theme is to just be yourself and live in the moment.

Finally, no Richard Linklater review would be complete without talking about the awesome soundtrack. First off, the movie is named after the song by Van Halen, which is a great song on its own. "My Sharona" by The Knack is the opening track, and there are plenty of other gems from artists like Cheap Trick, ZZ Top, Donna Summer, Kool & The Gang and Sugarhill Gang, among others. But one song stands out the most, and that's "Cherokee ChaChow," and original rap written by J. Quinton Johnson and performed by the entire cast during the credits.

9.5/10 STARS

Everybody Wants Some might not be for everybody, but if you're a fan of Richard Linklater's other films, than chances are you're gonna love this too. It's got a great cast, incredible writing and directing, and an awesome soundtrack. If you have yet to see this film, it's available now on Digital HD, so go check it out ASAP!

Now I wanna hear from you guys! Have you seen Everybody Wants Some, and if so what are your thoughts? Also, what is your favorite Richard Linklater movie? Drop your thoughts in the comments below, and stay tuned for my next review, which takes us back to one of Spielberg's classic adventure tales in Raiders of the Lost Ark!