Grant Gustin Teases "Flashpoint" Storyline For Season 3 Of 'The Flash'

By Aric Sweeny

Earlier today on Twitter, “The Flash” actor Grant Gustin teased a very specific storyline for the show’s upcoming season 3. Initially, Gustin only hinted that he had read the script for S3EP1, and that it was great; Greg Berlanti replied to Gustin’s Tweet and allowed him to reveal the episode’s title, which was followed by another Tweet from Gustin which read “FLASHPOINT”. 

If you’re not familiar with the “Flashpoint” storyline, it is essentially when Barry Allen messes up the timeline and the entire world is changed. Read more about the story right here.

Are you excited about seeing a version of “Flashpoint” in Season 3 of “The Flash”? Comment down below! 

SOURCE: Twitter