E3 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo: 'Winners And Losers'

By Aric Sweeny

E3 2016 has come to a close, and gamers got lots to chew on over the last few days. The event was kicked off on Sunday with EA’s conference, which then led into Bethesda’s event. Monday was the biggest day of them all, with Microsoft, Sony, and Ubisoft all showcasing their upcoming games and hardware. Nintendo, in a very Nintendo-like fashion, held a 2 day Treehouse Live event on Tuesday and Wednesday. They showcased the breathtaking “Zelda: Breath of the Wild” for the majority of Tuesday, then moved onto different games and announcements on Wednesday. Although gamers are ecstatic over this year’s E3, there were definitely some flops that can’t go undiscussed. In this article, I’ll be breaking down the best and worst of E3 2016; check out my picks! 


Kicking off the ‘best’ portion of this article that I’m sure will surprise no one, “Zelda: Breath of the Wild” has to be mentioned. I’m a Nintendo super-fan, and this game has been on my radar for years now. Nintendo has been teasing us since 2014 with this game, and we finally got concrete details. “Breath of the Wild” looks absolutely incredible and unlike any Zelda game we’ve gotten in the past. Very reminiscent of the first LoZ game, released in 1986, the game throws you into its world with no guidelines or directions, leaving it up to the player to discover the story. Perfect. 

Keeping it in the realm of Nintendo, we got some new Pokemon Sun and Moon gameplay and information. From the feedback I’ve seen online about the games, Pokemon fans are excited while general gamers aren’t too impressed; this is okay, because Pokemon has a giant, passionate fan base that I’m proudly a part of. The game’s graphics are the greatest ever seen in a main series Pokemon title, and the new battle mode looks intriguing. 

Jumping away from the ‘Big N’, a huge positive for me was the recently announced Titanfall 2. I personally loved the first game for what it was, and am excited about the upcoming sequel. The single player campaign looks like a blast, with the new titans and weaponry providing experiences that the first didn’t provide; I’ll be picking up this game at launch. 

The return of Crash Bandicoot...kind of. We’re getting HD remasters of the original 3 Crash games for PS4, which is great news. I really was hoping that we’d get a new installment to the series, but any revival of the Crash franchise is a good thing.     

The Skyrim remaster is something great for me, as I never got around to playing the first. Many of my friends rave about the game, and about 99% of the internet agrees with them; I’m looking forward to diving into the land of Skyrim for the very first time!

South Park: The Fractured But Whole will, in all likelihood, be a fantastic game. The game parodies the Superhero film renaissance taking place today in a way that only South Park could do well. The first in the new line of South Park games was magnificent, and this looks to be a worthy successor. 


Microsoft’s Project Scorpio and Sony’s Playstation Neo - I have a lot to say about these. Consoles are a dying breed, and Sony and Microsoft just showed us. By announcing these new consoles only 2.5 years after the release of the PS4 and Xbox One, they totally screwed the console market as we know it. The new consoles announced are significantly more powerful than the current breed of consoles, and are fully compatible with VR. This is a problem. If, as we were shown today, console lifespans continually get shorter and shorter, the gaming market is going to stop buying consoles and transition to PC. Why, you may ask? It’s very simple; the reason consoles have been so popular and mainstream is because of their simplicity and longevity. You’d buy a console and expect 6 solid years of modern gaming out of it. With the introduction of VR and the rapid growth of modern technology, consoles will have to be replaced every 2 years, which just isn’t sustainable.

Consoles must have a distinct difference from PC’s when it comes to gaming, and that difference has always been the longevity of each system. When consoles will have to be replaced as rapidly as PC graphics cards, then consoles are essentially just PC’s with more inconvenience. If the trend started at E3 2016 continues, then say goodbye to console gaming as we know it! 

All of Sony’s unannounced games. I’ll be the first to say that Sony showed off a ton of damn good looking good titles, there is no arguing that; what I worry about, however, is that these games won’t be seen for years to come. I think we’ll be able to more accurately judge Sony’s conference in a few months or so, to see if any of these games actually hit store shelves. A theory I have is that many of these titles seen today aren’t going to even be PS4 games, they’re actually Playstation Neo games and Sony just didn’t reveal that information. 

Microsoft’s sports titles. Okay, maybe there is a fan base that actually cares about Madden and FIFA, but I just couldn’t care less. They dedicated a good 30 mins of their press conference to these titles; just pathetic. 

Kojima’s new game, Death Stranding - what the hell did I just see? Okay, okay, calm down Kojima fans. Let me explain. Yes, Kojima is a great game developer, but his presence alone isn’t enough to get me excited for a game. All we got from the game was a 30 second cut scene revealing literally nothing about the game, and people online already have the balls to call this an ‘automatic game of the year contender’ and a ‘masterpiece’? Take off your fanboy glasses and judge the game from a non-bias point of view for a second; we got no gameplay, story explanation, or even release date. I’m not saying the game can’t potentially be great when it comes out, it’s simply too early to judge.

Well, there you have it - my positives and negatives of E3 2016! In hindsight I think this will be remembered as one of the most important and E3’s of all time.  

Agree with my choices? Hate my guts for not praising Kojima? Drop a comment down below and let me know!