Check Out The Insane First Poster For Sequel 'Mechanic Resurrection'


By Matt O.

Get ready folks, a sequel to the Mechanic starring Ben Foster and Jason Statham is coming! Sadly, however no Ben Foster this time around but we do get more Jason Statham kicking ass as Authur Bishop again in Mechanic: Resurrection.

Joining the fray this time around is Tommy Lee Jones as some kind of insane maniac badass judging from the poster! Also for comic relief the great Jessica Alba!

Little is known about the sequel at this time, but expect a trailer to pop up online I'm the near future. For now check out the ridiculous poster below:


While I was a fan of the first Mechanic, it was mainly because of Ben Foster being great in anything. This one will probably be a serviceable action rental at best.

Mechanic: Resurrection is set to hit theaters in August 25th.

SOURCE:  Manly Movie