Donald Glover Cast In 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'


By Matt O.

Ok all you Spiderman fanboys and fangirls! One of your wishes has been finally full filled.......kind of.

Earlier today the folks over a Deadline reported that fan favorite actor/comedian/singer Donald Glover has been cast in Marvel and Sony's upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming. However it's most likely not the role that all of the fans have been wanting the actor to play for years in Miles Morales. Which is due to Donald Glover's age, because in the comics Miles is around the same age as Peter Parker or younger. But it's still very cool for fans and the actor that he has landed a nice role in the film.

There is a chance, a small chance that Marvel Studios decides to change the methos of the spidey universe and make Miles Morales older. Those chances are probably very, very slim. But a fan can dream, right?

So what do you guys think? Is there a random character that you think Donald Glover will be playing or do you think the studio will actually blow people's minds next year and do the crazy? Let us know in the comments section below, thanks.

Spiderman:  Homecoming is set to hit theaters next summer!

SOURCE:  Deadline