'The Final Wolverine' Official Title Revealed?


By Matt O.

A couple of weeks ago a rumor about The Final Wolverine's official title started floating around the Internet from some hit or miss blogs, so we chose not to officially cover that story. However, yesterday it was revealed that 20th Century Fox has indeed officially registered the names Wolverine: Weapon X and just Weapon X under their label. It's an interes ting title choice tp say the least and I personally don't really like it. Just having Weapon X as the title will not play to main stream audiences as the average movie goer may not know that Weapon X refers to Logan.  Then the other choice Wolverine: Weapon X just doesn't flow all that well, kind of clunky.

So what about you guys? Do you like the possible titles? If not, let us know what your choices would be for The Final Wolverine film below in the comments section.

The Final Wolverine aka Weapon X is set to hit theaters on March 3rd, 2017


SOURCE: X-Men Films via CBM