First Look Set Pics Of Hugh Jackman's "Old Man Logan" In 'The Final Wolverine'

By Matt O.

Are you pumped X-Men fans? If not, you should be! Today we get our first look at "Old Man Logan"!!

With director James Mangold and actor Hugh Jackman's final go around as Wolverine in next year's Wolverine 3 aka The Final Wolverine officially beginning production, it was only a matter of time before we got some cool set photos.

So far it appears its going to be an interesting take on the Old Man Logan story-line from the comics. Probably pulling very loosely from the story, but so far Jackman's new look is pretty badass. Can't wait to see what director James Mangold does with this film, which he is calling a "brutal R-rated western", and a "Wolverine unlike any we have ever seen on the big screen".

Check out the First look set pics and than sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts, thanks!

#THEGENE A fascinating read.

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The Final Wolverine is set to hit theaters on March 2nd, 2017.