Cool Unused Concept Art For Hawkeye In 'Captain America: Civil War'


By Matt O.

Earlier today we discovered some super cool unused concept art for actor Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton aka Hawkeye from Marvel's Captain America: Civil War.

As a huge fan of Renner's Hawkeye the fully masked one in the artwork below would have been badass as hell, to bad they didn't use it.

So what do MCU fans think, Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts on the concept art, thanks! 


"Captain America: Civil War” picks up where “Avengers: Age of Ultron” left off, as Steve Rogers leads the new team of Avengers in their continued efforts to safeguard humanity. After another international incident involving the Avengers results in collateral damage, political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability and a governing body to determine when to enlist the services of the team. The new status quo fractures the Avengers while they try to protect the world from a new and nefarious villain."

Captain America: Civil War is in theaters everywhere!