The First Trailer For Kristen Stewart's 'Personal Shopper' Is A Little Strange

By Matt O.

Acclaimed director Olivier Assaya newest film Personal Shopper starring Kristen Stewart got its first trailer earlier today, and tells the story of Maureen, a professional shopper living in Paris who talks to her dead brother's ghost. Sounds strange right? Well, it really is! Maybe not in a good way thought, with the film just recently premiering at Cannes Film Festival to a mixed reception. At one point the film was being booed and then ended up receiving a standing ovation later on.

The trailer looks interesting to say the least and I'll definitely be checking out the film when it hits theaters later this year.

Check out the trailer below and then sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the film, thanks.

Here's the official synopsis:

"Maureen, mid-20s, has a job she hates: seeing to the wardrobe of a media celebrity. She couldn’t find anything better to pay for her stay in Paris. And wait. Wait for a sign from the spirit of her twin brother, who died a few months earlier. Until then, her life will stay on hold."

Personal Shopper is set to hit theaters in Belgium on October 16th, no US release date has been announced yet.