'Game Of Thrones' S6 Episode 5 "The Door" Preview, New Images, Plus More

By Matt O.

Hello everyone and welcome back to our weekly preview segment for Game of Thrones where we will reveal the preview and official images for the week's upcoming episode, along with any other cool stuff that was released involving the series that week.

First up is confirmation from the director of the last episode that their is a budding relationship with Brienne of Tarth and Tormund Giantsbane, the Wildling chieftain. Speaking with TV Guide, Dan Sackheim, revealed this:

“I wasn’t even sure that when I delivered the episode it was really clear, it was like a fun little bit, but I wasn’t sure it was really clear that he had these amorous feelings for Brienne. I’m always amazed what fans pick up.”

The director does say that the romance is only one way as of now:

“I think it was fairly one-sided, but that’s OK, there’s nothing like a challenge. Men love a challenge.”

Also HBO has released an online copy of the letter Ramsay Bolton sent Jon Snow aka "The Bastard Letter". Check it out below, we also translated the hard to read letter for you, below it.

To the Traitor and Bastard Jon Snow

You allowed thousands of wildlings
past the wall.

You have betrayed your own kind
you have betrayed the North

Winterfell is mine Bastard
Come and see

Your brother Rickon is in my dungeon
His direwolf’s skin is on my floor
Come and see

I want my bride back. Send her to me
And I will not trouble you or your wildling lovers
Keep her from me
And I will ride north and slaughter
Every Wildling man woman and babe
living under your protection

You will watch
as I skin them living
You will watch
as my soldiers take turns
raping your sister
You will watch
as my dogs devour
your wild little brother

I will spoon your eyes from their sockets
and let my dogs do the rest
Come and see

Ramsay Bolton
Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North

This week we have episode 5 of Season 6, which is officially titled "The Door", courtesy of HBO you can check out the preview video below, along with several official images of the episode, plus the synopsis.

Check everything out below for episode 5 and then let us know your thoughts on this season so far, and what you expect from the series going forward, thanks!

Official episode synopsis:

"In “The Door,” Tyrion seeks a strange ally. Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) learns a great deal. Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) goes on a mission. Arya (Maisie Williams) is given a chance to prove herself."

Game of Thrones airs every Sunday at 9 pm eastern time on HBO.