Patrick Stewart's Professor X Confirmed For 'The Final Wolverine'

By Matt O.

Its official folks! 

Patrick Stewart's Professor X will be making another appearance as the older Professor X in Hugh Jackman's final go as Wolverine on the big-screen. No word yet on if this will be Patrick Stewart's last appearance as Professor X, but wouldn't that be epic though? Both Hugh and Patrick ride off into the sunset together in The Final Wolverine! Sounds pretty badass!

In an recent interview with Collider, one of the X-Men: Apocalypse producers Hutch Parker was asked several questions about the upcoming Final Wolverine film and said this:

“I am [involved in Wolverine 3], in fact I’m on loan from them right now… I will confirm that Patrick Stewart is part of the film.”

The producer also go on to reflect on Professor X and Logan's history saying, "the plan is to have a father son relationship play out in the film between the two".

Producer Parker than goes onto say this about The Final Wolverine, who it will be quite the departure from previous X-Men films.

"I'm not going to tease much, we're really trying to do something - look you asked your earlier question, it's the right one, which is 'How do you follow these movies up?' And [director] Jim Mangold and Hugh were really intent on trying to do something unique and different with this. That's what we're setting out to do. I'm not going to tip how, but I'm hoping that you guys will really love it, I think it's really, really special."

I like what I'm hearing so far, but what about you guys? let us know what you think about the Wolverine sequel below in the comments section. Also if you want to catch up on any of our other Final Wolverine stories we have the links for a few of the bigger ones below also.



The Final Wolverine is set to hit theaters on March 3rd, 2017.