John Boyega Reveals 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' Will Be Bigger & Darker Than 'The Force Awakens'

By Matt O.

Director Rian Johnson's Star Wars: Episode VIII is rumored to be half through "shooting" at this point and we still know very little about the tone, scale, or even plot details on the upcoming film. However in a recent interview at Cannes Film Festival, Variety caught up with actor John Boyega who plays Finn and asked him about the film, the actor had this to say: 

"It’s a different take, darker, bigger. Someone will say: “How do you get bigger than ‘Force Awakens?'” But it’s crazy."

Different and Darker? Sounds like my kind of Star Wars movie? The folks at Variety also when on to ask Boyega about the possible or developing romance between Finn and Rey in the new film. However, Boyega quicky down played any romance between the two saying:

"Finn and Rey – they’re just friends. Finn is a storm trooper, so he doesn’t really know what’s going on. So the romance thing is something that’s going to be interesting in the next installment. It’s not going to go the way you think it’s going to go."

So far, so good right? Everything Boyega is saying sounds pretty sweet and gets me freaking amped up for director Rian Johnson's interesting take on the Star Wars universe! What about you guys though, let us know in the comments section below your thoughts on the sequel, thanks.

Star Wars: Episode VIII is set to hit theaters on December 15, 2017.