RUMOR: WB To Release Extended R-Rated Version Of 'Batman V. Superman' In Theaters

 By Matt O'Bryant

An epic new rumor has hit the web asserting that Warner Bros. is currently in planning on releasing their much talked about R-Rated version of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice!

This epic rumor comes to us from the scoop master himself, Umberto Gonzalez of HeroicHollywood in his most recent episode of Heroic Insider. It appears that Warner Bros. is currently deciding whether to release the extended 3-hr R-Rated director's cut of the film in theaters. Which would be released later this summer right before the Blu-ray hits stores.

While the extended edition was being planned to be released on Blu-ray this July, the idea to release this version in theaters most likely stems from the fact that it appears that the film might not cross the $1 Billion mark at the world wide box office. A number that once seemed a given. Director Zack Snyder has confirmed in interviews that the extended version of the film does definitely piece together many of the plot holes that are in the theatrical version.

So what do you guys think? Is this a good idea from Warner Bros.? I know I'll definitely check out the Ultimate edition in theaters! I can't wait! Also you can check out the episode of Heroic Insider below.