'Civil War' Chadwick Boseman Reveals Whether Or Not We'll Travel To Wakanda

By Matt O'Bryant

With marketing now in full swing on Captain America: Civil War and many websites now being able to reveals interviews and on set visit details. We are finally starting to discover some interesting things about the highly anticipated film. One of the biggest questions about the film may have finally been answered, whether or not we'll get to see Black Panther's homeland of Wakanda in the film.

On their recent set visit Nerdist had a chance to speak with the actor Chadwick Boseman who plays Black Panther in the upcoming film, the actor was asked will we finally get to see Wakanda on the big screen, and here's what he had to say.

I know you thought you were because of ‘Age of Ultron,’ but…it’s not happening.

He then went on to tease Black Panther's place in the new film...kinda:

You’re seeing him in the larger scheme of things, like fighting outside of his country. It will definitely affect what you see later. That’s all I can say.

After speaking with Mr. Boseman, Nerdist than got a chance to  speak with co-director Joe Russo, who talked about how the events in Civil War will impact the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There’s an intensity in this film. We dug deep to find motivations that were extremely personal and very emotional to the characters. It’s not for all characters because, like any fight, people take sides and some people have stronger motivations than others, and as the fight gets worse people drop out because they don’t have the stomach for it. We have a couple characters that go to the end and they go to the end pretty hard and pretty ugly.

Something else kind of cool is the director revealed that Chadwick Boseman, created his own version of a Wakandan accent the Black Panther character, based on other African accents.

He found a regional accent based on where Wakanda would be.

Awesome stuff right? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts! Do you believe Boseman? Do you think there is still a chance we get to see Wakanda in Civil War?

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6th.

SOURCE: Nerdist (via CBM)