'Star Wars: Episode VIII' New Video & Photos From The Dubrovnik Set

By Matt O'Bryant

The preparation for Star Wars: Episode VIII filming conitinues in Dubrovnik! Check out the latest photos and a cool video shared by local news sites. After you do, sound off in the comments section below, with you thoughts.

TheDubrovnikTimes reports:

On the last weekend before filming of Star Wars VIII begins in Dubrovnik the final touches are being made to the set on the main street, the Stradun. The ancient stone facades of the city have been transformed into a sci-fi set complete with flashing buttons and droid control panels.

Filming is set to begin on the 9th of March; however we understand that the first two days will be used as a dress rehearsal, with the real filming beginning of the 11th of March.

Here are some cool new photos via Dulist and MosCroatia

Star Wars: Episode VIII is set to hit theaters on December 15, 2017.