DC’s 'Lobo' Not Dead After All, 'Wonder Woman' Scribe, Jason Fuchs Attached

By Josh Melo

As they say, “you can’t keep the Main Man down!” Or was that “good man”? In any case, DC’s big screen take on Lobo seems to have been granted a new lease on life with a brand new writer. Read on for details!

Wonder Woman scribe Jason Fuchs seems to be the go to guy for WB/DC as his attachment on Lobo will be his second superhero project for the comics company (having already written the previously mentioned Wonder Woman). The last we had heard on the Lobo movie was way back in 2012 when Brad Peyton was attached to direct. And after that silence. Whether or not Peyton is still lined up to helm the project remains to be seen, but the news of a new writer on the film can only mean that things are looking good.

Can this revival of sorts be attributed to the remarkable success of Deadpool? More than likely, with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice being given an R-rated director's cut, it seems that the folks over at DC are embracing fans hunger for mature comic book content. While an R rating doesn’t inherently mean a great film, the nature of the Lobo books do lend themselves to more adult storytelling.

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