'Ben-Hur' Remake First Look

Late yesterday afternoon USA TODAY revealed the first images of the new Ben-Hur remake set to hit theaters late this summer. The film stars Boardwalk Empire's Jack Huston, who will take on the title role of Judah Ben-Hur, with Oscar winner Morgan Freeman as Sheik Ilderim, who becomes a mentor to Judah. Jack Huston in talking about the upcoming remake of the epic classic, recently told USA Today that Judah Ben-Hur’s story remains as relevant as ever in the present day:

 “There’s something really beautiful about it, especially in the current climate of the world, about different religions and people being at odds against each other. How do we find our way out of this, how do we forgive, how do we forget, how do we move on, how should we treat our fellow human?”


Toby Kebbell (Fantastic Four) plays Messala, Judah’s back-stabbing adopted brother, while Nazanin Boniadi (Homeland) plays Judah’s love interest Esther, Rodrigo Santoro (300: Rise of an Empire) plays Jesus, and Pilou Asbaek (Lucy) plays Pontius Pilate. Check out Huston riding his chariot below.

Houstin talks working on the chariot races for the film and promises it will be one of the "crown jewels" of the films:

You get in with two horses on a chariot, which blows your mind, and then you put four horses on the end of your reins. It would be the equivalent of a Formula 1 race. It’s overwhelming and incredibly scary. But after the first day where you think every second, ‘I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die,’ you decide to put that out of your brain for good and it becomes just part of the job.
— Huston

Ben Hur hits theaters on August 12th.