Marvel's 'Luke Cage' To Debut On Netflix This Fall

By Aric Sweeny & Matt O'Bryant

At the premiere of Daredevil season two, star Mike Colter (Luke Cage) confidently revealed that Luke Cage will premier on September 30, and he also went on to assure fans that show will be "action packed from the beginning to the very end"!

With Daredevil Season 2 about to be unleashed on the world next week, fans can't get enough of Marvel & Netflix's Dark and gritty take on Marvel's Defenders. Now we will have our third Defender's show in less than two years. The first of course was Daredevil, then Jessica Jones, and now Luke Cage. If you haven't seen Jessica Jones, go check it out, while its not as great as Daredevil season 1, the episodes with Luke Cage are the better episodes of Jessica Jones season 1. Sometime next year we will be getting the Iron Fist series, which will then lead into the official Defenders Movie or Mini-series were will see all the individual characters team up. 

Also of note is the huge possibility of a Punisher sereies getting thrown in the mix somewhere down the line. Fingers crossed!

Watch the video down below to see the official reveal. (Colter shows up around the 2:10 mark)

Thoughts on the release date? Are you excited? Sound off in the comments down below, and get ready to binge season two of Daredevil, which hits on March 18.