What Are You Watching? – March 2016

By Josh Melo

March 2016

Here are all of the major films hitting this month, Check them out!

February has come and gone, and with it the first few solid films of the cinematic year. Deadpool started off the year’s super heroic offerings with a bang, and The Witch, while not as scary as some touted, was great.

Now, we find ourselves facing down the month of March. Not quite summer blockbuster season, but things are definitely ramping up. Offering up a little something for everyone, March is promising a wide range of films that should have even the pickiest of moviegoers heading for their local theatre. On the family front we have Zootopia, the latest film from Disney Animation Studios. Coming off of the success of Big Hero 6 and Frozen, Zootopia has lofty shoes to fill. But if the trailers are any indication, it shouldn’t have much of a problem meeting those expectations.

The comedy genre also looks to be getting a small boost this month. With the massive letdown that was Zoolander 2 failing to instill audiences with giddy laughter, hopefully the likes of Tina Fey’s Whiskey Tango Foxtrot or My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 can fill that void (The Brothers Grimsby is also coming out, but that looks horrible).

Horror fans are left out to dry for the most part, leaving ample room for February’s The Witch to clean up on that front. With only The Other Side of the Door as the sole true horror offering, perhaps the audience will find some solace in the mysterious thriller 10 Cloverfield Lane? Coming out of complete obscurity, JJ Abrams and his team at Bad Robot have surprised fans with a pseudo-sequel to the cult hit Cloverfield. Starring John Goodman, Mary Eizabeth-Winstead and John Gallagher Jr., 10 Cloverfield Lane could become a surprise smash.

And finally, the big guns of the month. While the likes of London has Fallen and Allegiant will have their fair share of action fans, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is the movie to watch. Promising the biggest superhero showdown in cinematic history, all fans will be eagerly watching to see if the film lives up to the massive hype. The movie is sure to be a commercial success from brand alone, but will it satisfy to the point that the ambitious DC cinematic universe will come to fruition? Or will Warner Bros/DC’s plans come to a stop?

So, what are you watching? Sound off in the comments and let us know, what you're most excited about this month?

March 4th


London Has Fallen

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot


March 11th

10 Cloverfield Lane 

The Brothers Grimsby

The Other Side of the Door

The Perfect Match

The Young Messiah

March 16th

Miracles from Heaven

March 18th

The Bounce Back

The Divergent Series: Allegiant

March 25th

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2