Johnny Depp Joins Universal's "Monster Film Universe" as ‘The Invisible Man’

By Josh Melo

With Tom Cruise joining The Mummy, it was clear Universal Studios wasn’t playing around. Now with the announcement that Johnny Depp is set to star in his own film set in the shared monster universe, any remaining doubts should be put to rest. The Monsters Movie Universe is coming! Read on for more details!

With Dracula Untold launching to dismal reviews and even poorer fan reception, there were definitely some red flags surrounding the idea of creating a cinematic universe around the classic movie monsters. That's when Universal brought on Tom Cruise, instantly adding a level of credibility to the idea.

Now, Johnny Depp has been attached to star in the new adaptation of The Invisible Man. While he may attach himself to any number of crappy films, his A-list status and potential are undeniable. With Depp and Cruise leading the way in this new cinematic venture, It is blatantly clear that Universal is ready to play with the big boys.

Details on the films release are still unknown, but with the announcement of Depp as the lead, concrete information regarding the production is sure to follow.

The Mummy is set for release on June 9th, 2017 in which Tom Cruise is set to star. It is also unknown who Cruise is playing, whoever it is, he is heavily rumored to play a major role throughout the rest of the films as well. Does this mean we will see Cruise and Depp side by side (unlikey considering Depp’s character is invisible… but you catch my drift)? My fingers have been crossed!

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