First Look at B.D. Wong As Hugo Strange On 'Gotham'


By Matt O'Bryant 

With Gotham just a few weeks away from its return, there are a lot of things to be excited about. While I was initially not a fan of the show, this season is starting to turn me just a little. The reason being is the sudden arrival of one of my favorite DC characters Dr. Hugo Strange. This has peaked my interest immensely, since this will be the character's live action debut. While I would have preferred it to be on the big screen, this will have to do.

Today TV INSIDER revealed our first look at Jurassic World actor B.D. Wong as Strange. The actor had this to say about what to expect from Strange.

“What [he] is doing in there is indeed very, very bad. Imagine the worst thing someone might do. Then multiply that by 10.”

Check out the image below and sound off in the comments with your thoughts. 


Gotham returns with all new episodes Monday February 29th.