What are You Watching? – February 2016

By Josh Melo


Here are the major films hitting theaters this month! Check em out!

Sporting a number of quality releases, February seems primed to be a major step up from January in terms of film. The latest from the minds of the Coen’s, Hail, Caesar! is sure to be a hilarious romp through classic Hollywood, while Deadpool will finally answer the question; will blood, boobs and sex jokes equate to critical and commercial success (I tend to think so).

Than you have lesser known gems like The Witch, Tumbledown and Regression (Emma Watson and Ethan Hawke in a mystery thriller? Yes!). The Witch, coming out of Sundance, is largely considered to be the resurgence of the horror genre. After a string of duds, fans are hungry for the next big thing to scare the pants off of them, hopefully The Witch satisfies that itch.

Tumbledown, featuring Jason Sudeikis and Rebecca Hall, looks like a surprisingly funny take on modern romance. Sudeikis deviates from his usual crude humour (though there is a hint of it) to show a side to his acting rarely glimpsed. With great acting and a solid story, Tumbledown could prove to be one to remember.

Than you have the more mainstream fare. Zoolander 2 is sure to be stupid and hilarious, Gods of Egypt is sure to be stupid (just stupid), and How to Be Single has the potential to either be this year’s Bridesmaids or a speed bump in the road to an actual career for Dakota Johnson.

What will you be watching this month?

February 5 (Friday)

The Choice
Hail, Caesar!
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Regression (Limited)
Tumbledown (Limited)

February 12 (Friday)

How to Be Single
Zoolander 2
Bad Hurt (Limited)

February 19 (Friday)

The Witch

February 26 (Friday)

Eddie the Eagle
Gods of Egypt
Triple 9
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (Limited)