'Kill Your Friends' Trailer A New Generation's 'American Psycho'


By Matt O'Bryant 

 A new trailer for the dark comedy film Kill Your Friends has arrived and it looks amazing! The new trailer reveals a dark and crazy film adaptation of the John Niven novel of the same name.

Nicholas Hoult looks like he's gone absolutely bonkers in the film and I'm really hoping it's this generation's American Psycho. Check out the trailer below and sound off in the comments with your thoughts on this cool looking film.

Here's the official synopsis:

London, 1997; the British music industry is on a winning streak. Britpop bands Blur, Oasis, Radiohead rule the airwaves and Cool Britannia is in full swing. 27-year-old hit chasing A&R man Steven Stelfox is slashing and burning his way through the music business, a world where careers are made and broken by chance and the fickle tastes of the general public. In an industry of dream-makers, Stelfox refuses to buy into the ‘dream’ – and despises anyone that does. Fueled by greed, ambition and inhuman quantities of drugs, Stelfox searches for his next hit record amid a relentless orgy of self-gratification. Created by an industry that demands success at any price, Stelfox takes the concept of ‘killer tunes’ to a murderous new level in a desperate attempt to salvage his career. Balanced against the backdrop of the music business and its characters, Stelfox is the ultimate anti-hero: chronically sexist, racist, and everything else-ist.

Kill Your Friends hits theaters and VOD on April 1st.