'Batman V. Superman' New Images, Batsuit & Batcave Details, Alfred Backstory, & New Posters

“The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world: Son of Krypton versus Bat of Gotham.”

By Matt O'Bryant

Today, we have some new details and images from Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice that reveal some kill tidbits about Jeremy Irons' version of Alfred, and some interesting details on Batman's new suit. Check out the new details and images below, brought to us courtesy of What Culture.

"Alfred Pennyworth, Butler No More"

The idea of Bruce Wayne having a butler does seem a bit dated nowadays, and so it turns out that this Alfred Pennyworth has never actually taken on that role in the hero’s life. Instead, he first came into the employ of Thomas and Martha Wayne as a bodyguard and was the only member of staff the young Bruce decided to keep on following the death of his parents. Now, Alfred is publicly known as being Bruce’s chief of security.

Becoming Bruce’s legal guardian and confidant following the murder of his parents, it was actually Alfred who made the decision to leave Wayne Manor after the rest of the servants were dismissed )that explains why it’s fallen into disrepair). Instead, rather than attempting to maintain an entire mansion by himself, the former SAS officer instead lives in what is described as a “comfortable trailer” on the grounds of the estate.

It’s apparently that SAS training (in areas like weapons, intelligence gathering, medicine, and piloting a variety of vehicles) which Alfred has used to both train and help Batman in his crime fighting duties in Gotham.
— What Culture

"The Dark Knight's New Cowl"

It turns out that the mask Bruce places over his head actually covers a much harder inner layer which acts as a helmet. Made of titanium, it’s covered in wires, microchips, and sensors, but just so happens to also include lenses which can come down over the Caped Crusader’s eyes to allow the hero to see in the dark or have information streamed in front of him (think of it as a really advanced version of Google Glass then).

The cowl also includes a throat microphone which alters Batman’s voice, something which explains why he’s sounded so different throughout various points in the trailers.
— What Culture

"The Batman's Arsenal"

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month or two, you’ll no doubt be well aware that there’s been a lot of controversy online due to it being widely believed that this version of Batman is a killer. Well, this book makes it clear that isn’t the case by specifying that the Caped Crusader’s entire arsenal has been created with the intention of stopping criminals, not murdering them (hence why he even uses sleeping darts).

Of course, this new Batman is still more violent than previous iterations, and among the many uses he has for his Batarangs is leaving one of them behind at a crime scene to let the police know he’s been there and to scare criminals; think of it as a calling card which is a little more sinister than the notes Spider-Man always leave behind! Regardless, all of the gadgets he uses are said to be created by Bruce and Alfred in the Batcave.

It’s mentioned that after every battle, the two of them get together to think of new ways Batman can take down criminals in a safe way – smoke grenades for example – so there’s no way this Dark Knight kills his foes!
— What Culture

"Inside The Batcave"

The Batcave has traditionally always been beneath Wayne Manor, but this version is actually hidden under Bruce Wayne’s new lakeside residence. It sounds as if this has always been the case though as it’s noted that Bruce and Alfred actually built it together years earlier. The presence of water in the cave meanwhile is explained by the fact that it’s what comes running down from the lake above, creating a waterfall of sorts in there.

While we’ve caught glimpses of the Batcave, it’s actually much larger than previously thought, with workstations, laboratories, a garage, and a weapons room. Just like the comic books, Batman also has his own super computer which gives him access to both police radio feeds and major news sources. Like everything else in the cave, it’s a mixture of old and new technology due to these two spending years constantly working on it.

The garage might be the most impressive thing in there though, especially as there’s a landing pad beneath a large opening in the cave which allows the hero to easily pilot the Batwing in and out of his secret base.
— What Culture

Also coming from the Twitter account Henry Cavill News is our first look at a couple new character posters, which you can check out below in this short video.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25th.