'Deadpool' Smashes Box Office Records With $135 Million Debut

By Matt O'Bryant

According to studio estimates, Tim Miller's Deadpool starring Ryan Reynoldsearned an incredible $135 million over the three-day weekend and is headed above $160 million for the four-day holiday frame. With industry estimates originally looking at around $75 million for the weekend, these numbers are just an astonishing feat. Especially for a film that cost just $58 million to make. As we reported to you on Saturday Deapool had already broken two huge records on Friday for the biggest single-day February opening, and the biggest single-day R-rated debut ever. Now with the film's enormous 135 million take over the three-day weekend, we have a whole new batch of records that Deapool has broken. Check'em out below courtesy of Box Office Mojo:

  • Largest February Opening Weekend: $85.1 million; Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Largest 4-Day President’s Day Weekend: $93 million; Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Largest R-Rated Opening Weekend: $91.7 million; The Matrix Reloaded
  • Largest R-Rated Comic Adaptation Opening: $70.8 million; 300
  • Largest Winter Opening Weekend: $89.2 million; American Sniper
  • Largest Opening for 20th Century Fox: $108.4 million; Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

20th Century Fox and the team behind Deadpool managed to create a "perfect storm" at the box office over the Holiday weekend. With the list above, being just a partial list of the records that Deadpool has broken, you can see that the film's $135 million take literally destroyed the competition. As we mentioned in an earlier article, the fact that Deadpool was not released in 3D and is still managing these kinds of numbers is simply amazing. Also of note is the fact that Deadpool has by far the highest opening weekend for X-Men movie ever.

Deadpool is currently playing in theaters everywhere.............except China.