Cool New 'Logan' Story Details; First Official Look At Professor X

Following yesterday's epic title reveal and first official poster for director James Mangold's Logan, the highly anticipated final chapter in Hugh Jackman's Wolverine saga. We now new details about the film's plot and our first official look at Patrick Stewart's Professor X, also said to be his final appearance as the legendary leader of the X-Men. Check out the first look image below:

We also have gotten our hands on some cool plot details about the upcoming film. Even though these are details that we have all been speculating on all year, If you're trying to avoid any spoilers, please don't read ahead.

While we've all known for awhile now that the film would take place in the future, we didn't know how far into the future. Apparently not that far ahead. The Wrap has revealed that the film is set in 2024 and that when the film begins, Logan's powers are fading and he now works as a limousine driver. Its also revealed that Patrick Stewart's Professor X is in the same boat as Wolverine, with his powers fading and not in very good health.

The report further reveals that Logan takes care of the Professor with the him of Caliban, a mutant played by Stephen Merchant (The Office, Hello Ladies). The mysterious girl from the poster holding Logan beaten up hand is also discussed even further below:

“We learned further details about the from an insider who said that the girl in the poster is a young mutant. In 2024, mutant births are severely in decline, and people aren’t sure why. We find out about a government-type operation called “Transigen” that is turning mutant children into killing machines. Logan ends up mentoring the girl, who has two claws instead of his three.”

Plus the script page that director James Mangold tweeted out yesterday afternoon reveals that we will be seeing The Bangers in the film and that Logan has become an alcoholic to cope with the fact that his healing powers are fading, check out the script page below:

All of the news over the past few day is really starting the build the hype around this final chapter in The Wolverine saga. As Hugh Jackman mentioned earlier in the week, this film is really going to be something in tone and execution, that we have never seen before in a big-screen comic book film.

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Logan is set to hit theaters on March 3rd, 2017.

SOURCE: The Wrap